Whether you are updating the look of your bathroom or overhauling the entire room, bathroom mirrors play a major role in how the overall effect of the room looks. Bathroom mirrors often sit over the sink or vanity, and reflect both artificial and natural light. Depending on your style, they can be functional or decorative… read more →

Transparent Solar Panels An amazing technology has recently been invented at Michigan State University: transparent solar panels. This new technique is groundbreaking because its translucency is so complete that these solar cells could be used like traditional window glass. Thanks to this ground-breaking quality, TLSC (transparent luminescent solar concentrator) has the potential to be deployed.. read more →

Glasshouse was privileged to be a part of the American Society of Interior Designers Austin Design Excellence event that took place on November 12 at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The American Society of Interior Designers, or ASID, is a community of design industry representatives, students and educators that focus on bringing out the.. read more →

25 Nov 2014
November 25, 2014

What Can Frost Etching Do For You?

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What Can Frost Etching Do For You? Since 2002, Glasshouse has offered innovative, custom glasswork to the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Austin, Texas areas. At Glasshouse Products, we pride ourselves on being a family owned and operated business designed to provide our customers with the highest quality, best products available. In keeping with our dedication to.. read more →

Glasshouse is a proud sponsor of the upcoming AIA Austin Tour of Homes on October 25 and 26. Each year the Austin chapter of the American Institute of Architects, AIA, features homes that reflect the best in architecture and design in the Austin area. This year, 11 homes have been chosen, each showcasing the innovation.. read more →

07 Jul 2014
July 7, 2014

Maintaining Your Home’s Glass

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There’s a saying about only getting out of something what you put into it. This is a great motto for the way you take care of your home. Whichever elements you neglect will repay the favor overtime. So it makes sense to pay attention to the glass in your home. From its windows to the.. read more →

30 Jun 2014
June 30, 2014

Little Known Facts About Glass

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For being a transparent material, most people don’t actually know much about glass. This is also despite the fact that most people have large quantities of it throughout their house (e.g. shower doors, windows, decorations, etc.) and see and touch it elsewhere every day. So take a moment to better learn about how amazing glass.. read more →

Any bathroom looks better with its own shower enclosure and, of course, they make your morning routine a lot better too. Most shower enclosures feature glass, which heighten their aesthetic appeal even more. However, if you don’t take steps to clean and maintain that glass, your shower enclosure will soon pay the price. Fortunately, taking.. read more →

If you’re soon to be the proud owner of a new home, there’s probably a long list of things that are occupying your thoughts regarding the overall project. A lot goes into making sure your new home stays your dream home once it’s complete. However, don’t forget important details either. Glass may seem like something.. read more →